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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welcoming Summer

No, I'm not dead yet, I'm back and on summer break, finally! It was nice catching up with Sean yesterday regardless being stuck in Freo because his car decided to die but that's okay because we spent a good 40 mins chatting about everything in this world :)

Top: I couldn't find the link or similar top to mine but it was from Bardot , sorry dolls :P 
Bottom: L'Poupee
Sandals: Last summer's collection from Betts
Floppy Hat: Local chemist


Friday, August 8, 2014

Road Trippin'

Driving up North for 6 hours = eating, sleeping, driving and above all, selfies.

Most of the time I'm just complaining about not having enough photos taken or its too hot for anything when we were hiking and sight seeing, but when it's time to drench myself in the cooling salt water, it was like stepping into marshmallows. 

These are 1/4 of the photos taken on day 2. The best of day 1 and day 3 were taken and uploaded on my instagram- @limeiiii, which will probably be like half way through my feed.

Kalbarri, you were beautiful.

                        LiMei xx

P/s: Updated my blog using my iPhone on the go.
Photos by my one and only- @magnvm (instagram). 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pe pi de plum pe di blue

After being away for so long, I am finally back with a textured post!

Photos by Magnum <3
Grey Peplum top by L'Poupee
Jeans by Dotti (close enough)
Sneakers by New Balance
Quilted sling bag similar here
Rings are from Swarovski
Sunnies similar here & here.

I only had 10 minutes to get ready for windy & rainy Perth, so I take whatever that is in the same hue but different tint with a pop of quilted light apricot on top and fuchsia pink at the bottom. 

Honestly, denim goes with everything!


Friday, May 2, 2014

5 all time beauty favourites/must haves

Hello hello.
 Okay yes this is not a fashion post but I just thought it'll be nice to share my 5 all time favourites/must haves in my life. 

1. Biore UV perfect face 50+ SPF
I absolutely can never ever step out of my house without applying sunscreen. I feel so helpless without sunscreen! Sunscreen helps protect your skin from pigments/sunspots forming. Especially the sun here on Golden Soil, it's so strong I can feel it burning through my epidermis. MY LOVE FOR SUNSCREEN WILL NEVER END.

2. Essence limited edition ice-cream cream blush: Ice bomb
This cream blush is pink and has a peachy undertone. It's smooth and creamy, glides on my cheeks so smoothly I feel like an ice bomb whenever I'm using it. HAH, GEDDIT? 

3. Benefit erase paste concealer in 02 Medium
THANK YOU E WAN FOR THIS HOLY GRAIL. It's so creamy and beautiful, hides all my imperfections (dark circles, dark sports, errthang). If I were to choose from foundation, bb cream or concealer, I would choose concealer. It's great! 

4. Real Technique limited edition duo-fibre collection by Samantha Chapman
It blends everything well, gives a smooth and light weight application because the bristles are so tiny it does not miss a single product on my face.

5. Naked & Naked 2 by Urban Decay
I cried over these for 3 months and I finally bought them on February 2014. I love how pigmented the eye shadows are, and the colours can be natural or dramatic, depending on how you want your makeup look to be. The reason why I did not purchase Naked 3 is because the eye shadow colours are very pink, and when I use pink on my eyes, not only the product does not show, I look like I have a big pink eye, as if someone farted on my pillow after they had beans before I go to bed. Yep.


P/s: I hope you like this post, heh.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pastel hues.

First of all, thank you Sean and Darren again for the trillionth time for taking such wonderful shots of me and Magnum. We had lots of fun and we couldn't have captured such a/an (indescribable) moment without your digitals. Of course, thank you once again for putting up with my annoyingness (pulling derp faces) everytime! Honestly, I can go on thanking you can for everything

What's on me:
(Legitimately cannot remember what the dress's name was, but I know it is a maxi dress :P)
 Maxi dress similar here and here.

I found it smart to pair a gold belt on white and pastel, it gives the cold colours a warm tone, which evens out the one piece.

More photos on S. Yoong Photography, more to come from Darren's Photography soon!

P/s: These photos are NOT edited as they are alluring >:)  the way they are from camera!


Monday, February 10, 2014


Chinese New Year has finally come to an end.
I hope everyone received uncountable red packets during this festive season. I decided to wear shorts (with pom poms) instead of a dress on the first day of the wooden horse year for a little bit of a change. But anyways, my favourite photographer tried out double exposure shot for this outfit and I absolutely love it. 
Also, Sean & Darren are finally back from overseas, which means more photos >:)
Here, I shall end this post with my beautiful face.