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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Interactive blogpost- Europe trip. Who - what - when - why - how

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and are my friend on Facebook, you probably know that I went to Europe for a month at the end of June with 2 of my friends and Magnum. It was the best experience of my life. So our itinerary follows: Dubai > Spain > London > Paris > Amsterdam > Berlin > Venice > Rome >Athens > Mykonos > Santorini > boring Perth. It took us a year to plan and pay for our accommodation and it took me  legitimately 4 days (or longer) to pack my luggage. No, thank goodness I did not bring my entire closet to Europe, I needed space to shop you know?! So i had to suck it up, mix and match my outfits or repeat them, which I survived. Flight from Perth to Dubai was rounded up 11 hours, I slept the entire trip because it's my talent. But can we take a minute to appreciate food on Emirates? It was so good, like eating on a flying restaurant, loved every meal I was served! We were so tired when we arrived at the hotel, but the thought of breakfast the next morning was refreshing LOL. I did not take much photos of the room and food (unless it is to send to my mother, and the photos are just simple ones, not blog worthy) because I was either too hungry or too hot to be bothered. First impression of Dubai right out the plane? Hot and EXTREMELY humid. Excuse me, I thought Malaysia was the humid-est country I have ever lived in but I was wrong.. It was so humid it became hazy, and let me show you the haziest photo I have of Dubai -

You think I joking? Noh! The heat was so horrible that I was sweating through my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and it never happened until Dubai sauna-ed me. Some scenic photos from Dubai did not turn out good due to the haze. P/S: all photos I'm posting here are not edited, because I were to edit each of them, I would have died of hunger. But then again I'm flawless HAHA ok.

* Dubai *

Indoor Snow Park in the middle of the desert sounds about right! We had skiing lessons and had so much fun in the snow, I felt like a 6 year old. 

We also attended a skiing lesson for an hour, first time skiing and I think I nearly broke my leg LOL

The Burj Khalifa

Cruising above the largest shopping mall aquarium

We watched the sunset (too hazy for pictures) and then had dinner at a Desert Safari. It was hot x100

Got my 1st phresh henna did in the desert, loved it!


When I stepped out of the aircraft to Spain, I could not believe that I was in Europe. It has been on my travel list since I was 18, and there I was standing on the soil of Spain. Oh My Gosh. The weather was warm - hot + sunny, but it was definitely better than Dubai because there wasn't humidity. The architecture design of the buildings around the city all looked the same so whenever we were walking back to our apartment, it was "is it this one?" "yeah i think so... oh wait no next one, pass the pharmacy" "are we there yet?" "yeah, close" It was the longest walk of my life... People in Barcelona are so friendly and helpful, I liked the city easily. Shopping was good, it had a few stores that will not exist in boring Perth for the next 100 years. You don't even want to know how much me and Stacey spent in Sephora... Anyways...

 Hop on Hop off bus in Barcelona 

Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, which is still constructing. It reminds me of an underwater castle, it is amazing!

 Explored the older side of Barcelona (Nearly died walking to our next destination, which is Casa Batllo, by Gaudi as well)
Nature is his inspiration apparently, and I loved every corner of the building, from the stained glass windows to the poles that supports the house.

That  is it for the fun things we did in Barcelona! Anyways, I have decided to spilt my posts up, so it will be 2 places per post or else when you're scrolling my blog, it'll be longer than the Great Wall of China.

For the next post, we'll be at London & Paree. Goodnight x