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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Just Berlin

I will not be including Amsterdam in this post because I did not take good photos at all and there wasn't much about Amsterdam. However, I did love Amsterdam because the people were so nice, the buildings were flat and looked like they were about to fall flat on the ground, the smell of piss (weed) everywhere we went and the cute canal bridges. Oh the best maccas I have ever had in my whole entire life was in Amsterdam. The bun was clean and crisp, the fish fillet was crunchy and fresh and the lettuce in my burger was not smacked on. It was maccas on the 10th level. In addition, we went to a diamond factory (and all I thought of was getting a Rolex watch)... that is about it for Amsterdam!

So let's move onto Berlin. One word to describe it? AMAZING.

I actually had the vision of Berlin as being a run down city, but I was so wrong! The city's sooo clean, people there were nice and helpful with super good manners and not to mention our 5 star rating hotel. 5 minutes into settling down in our room, Magnum was still turning on and off lights around the room and bathroom (we had a LED UV type of light on the ceiling of the bathtub, it was magical) and said "oh my god, look at this" "WOW this is so cool!" and I just sat on the bed laughing at everything because I was knackered. 

Then we had dinner at Vapiano. They actually make fresh pizza and pasta for you when you request your order at the kitchen. By fresh pasta, I mean rolling out the dough and shape it at the pasta machine and then cook it. Though we had to wait for nearly 40 minutes for our food, but it was worth it. Can we also talk about the marble and wood design of the table? Thanks.

We went to the Berlin Zoo in the morning but we did not get to see all the animals in action because they were still sleeping. However we heard Seals barking like siren across the zoo. It was so big and cute!! Not to mention I saw my brother in the zoo with a colourful butt ;) 

How majestic is the entrance of Berlin Zoo?

 Oh wait look it's my sisters!

We also cycled around Tiergarten and rain decided to play us. It was actually cats and dogs. 

Not to mention I fell twice when I was cycling over the stoopid bridge LOL YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LAUGH AT ME BECAUSE KARMA.

We had to cycle back to the hotel, get changed and dried ourselves up and then went shopping (bowling, actually) as we waited for the rain to calm itself. Wait did we go bowling when it was raining or what? I think we did because I remember only changing my pants BECAUSE IT PLAYED ME.


We went cycling again, this time on the main road, taking ourselves to the Reichstag building and places.

Then we cycled to dinner and I think that is pretty much Berlin.
Me and Magnum (mostly me) wanted to go to visit the concentration camp but the day prior I had a bad feeling about it, so we went cycling instead. I knew I was right because it was pouring down.
I should have taken photos of the streets and stuff but I was too busy using my eyes looking at everything.
Berlin was amazing, definitely coming back and staying where we stayed.

Next, we're travelling to Venice and Rome!
Let's end this post with me posing with my curry sausage in Berlin Mall.

London and Paris take 2

I just realised that I posted 0 photos of us in Paris Disneyland and Thorpe park in London... but my excuse is because all the photos were taken with Magnum's phone and we did not even use much of his camera... I mean who had time for photos when we were busy riding on rides? Except Disneyland...
Get ready for my touristy photos.

London Thorpe Park

If you had me on Snapchat back before my phone drowned itself in water, you would have seen snaps of me and my friends at the park dying of heat then getting wet from rides. Soooo much fun! 

I'm glad I survived this ride. I was holding onto life on the seat handle and Stacey's hand LOL

Disneyland Paris

I missed out taking photos with Abu because it was so packed :(

 Uuuum come on, I HAD TO.

 If you don't know where Pizza Planet Restaurant is from, you need to re-evaluate your life.
I think it was 10 Euro for all we can eat, best lunch of my life.

The story behind this sign was "OMG EMILY quick I need a photo with this sign" and then Matt saying "Oh my god Li Mei, every single time!"