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Friday, May 2, 2014

5 all time beauty favourites/must haves

Hello hello.
 Okay yes this is not a fashion post but I just thought it'll be nice to share my 5 all time favourites/must haves in my life. 

1. Biore UV perfect face 50+ SPF
I absolutely can never ever step out of my house without applying sunscreen. I feel so helpless without sunscreen! Sunscreen helps protect your skin from pigments/sunspots forming. Especially the sun here on Golden Soil, it's so strong I can feel it burning through my epidermis. MY LOVE FOR SUNSCREEN WILL NEVER END.

2. Essence limited edition ice-cream cream blush: Ice bomb
This cream blush is pink and has a peachy undertone. It's smooth and creamy, glides on my cheeks so smoothly I feel like an ice bomb whenever I'm using it. HAH, GEDDIT? 

3. Benefit erase paste concealer in 02 Medium
THANK YOU E WAN FOR THIS HOLY GRAIL. It's so creamy and beautiful, hides all my imperfections (dark circles, dark sports, errthang). If I were to choose from foundation, bb cream or concealer, I would choose concealer. It's great! 

4. Real Technique limited edition duo-fibre collection by Samantha Chapman
It blends everything well, gives a smooth and light weight application because the bristles are so tiny it does not miss a single product on my face.

5. Naked & Naked 2 by Urban Decay
I cried over these for 3 months and I finally bought them on February 2014. I love how pigmented the eye shadows are, and the colours can be natural or dramatic, depending on how you want your makeup look to be. The reason why I did not purchase Naked 3 is because the eye shadow colours are very pink, and when I use pink on my eyes, not only the product does not show, I look like I have a big pink eye, as if someone farted on my pillow after they had beans before I go to bed. Yep.


P/s: I hope you like this post, heh.