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Friday, March 21, 2014

Pastel hues.

First of all, thank you Sean and Darren again for the trillionth time for taking such wonderful shots of me and Magnum. We had lots of fun and we couldn't have captured such a/an (indescribable) moment without your digitals. Of course, thank you once again for putting up with my annoyingness (pulling derp faces) everytime! Honestly, I can go on thanking you can for everything

What's on me:
(Legitimately cannot remember what the dress's name was, but I know it is a maxi dress :P)
 Maxi dress similar here and here.

I found it smart to pair a gold belt on white and pastel, it gives the cold colours a warm tone, which evens out the one piece.

More photos on S. Yoong Photography, more to come from Darren's Photography soon!

P/s: These photos are NOT edited as they are alluring >:)  the way they are from camera!