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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dear 15 year old me...

I've been thinking so much before I tell my brain to shut up and go to sleep.
So much regrets and happiness to look back upon yet it is too late to change it.

Dear 15 year old me, you're moving countries,
Perth is a beautiful place and once you make good friends, you won't be feeling lonely. Mother is always right.

Dear 15 year old me, you're blind in love,
However he is a total prick who deserves glitter all over his body. Don't love too deep, because he ain't shit. Xoxo me. He is not your top priority, your well being and family is. He is manipulative, very.  He was just a BOY, not a man of your thoughts. (15 y/o me: shut your face). In conclusion, you're so stupid, bye.

Dear 15 year old me, family...
Don't only speak to your father when you need him. He might be gone forever when you realise you need to talk to him. Spend more time with your father, friends can wait. Especially him. Make him wait. (15 y/o me: are you joking? Dad can wait). Mother cares so much it hurts her when you don't listen. Walk your dog more, he loves you, that cute little wag on his tail he does when you bring out the leash. 

Dear 15 year old me, social wisely
Don't waste your time on MSN. Read more books, make good friends. People judge you, such is life. Not everyone who talks to you are your friends, they might just want to source out information and talk shit about you for pure entertainment. There is no need for those statuses (ugh I cringe...), you don't sound cool, just bat shit crazy. Trust me.

Xoxo, 21 year old you who has so much more to learn and experience. 

Somehow I survived all these hard times alone. I learnt that people tend to sympathise, rather empathise. People come and go, and that's all good. The world is bigger than what I thought. Money does not solve ALL problem (except bills and shopping). High school was the best time of my life...

What about you?What would you tell the teenage you?

But god forbid please when Year 12 comes, please listen to Agnes and yourself to ask Magnum Chin to be your ball date. Not someone who has ego stuck up his ass and falls asleep during the occasion, TYSM. #stupididiot #bye