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Monday, September 21, 2015

Travelling with friends101

For those of you who are wondering if I survived travelling with friends, I did! FYI it was my first time travelling with friends and I definitely have learnt a lot from this trip. Prior travelling, everyone told me that once I travel with people, I can never be friends with them anymore. Let it be their personal living lifestyle or the reveal of their true identity (dirtiness, taking ages to get ready, lack of responsibility, bossiness etc etc). It wasn't the case for me (even though we had some miscommunication but it's always sorted in 10 mins...).

I know the people I'm travelling with well, I know their characteristics, I can predict what they are going to say or do in certain situations, hence the preparation of being considerate and understanding is VERY IMPORTANT.Communication is the key to survival in every aspect of life, no matter friendship or relationship. If I don't agree to something they suggested, I say it to them direct or indirectly so they get my signal. If they don't agree to something I said, they do the same to me. It is best to communicate on spot rather than sugarcoating.

You're on a trip with friends, hence you're part of the group = sharing responsibility. It helps cut down stress especially in a tensed situation. If one planned for the hotel, he/she does the registration work; if the taxi transfer is late, it is one of the group member's responsibility to chase down the transport until it arrives. E.g. one time we were so desperate to shower that we were waiting in line to ask the info desk lady where's the shower room at the airport.  I couldn't take it, the line was so long so I legit ran to the main info desk and asked where the shower room was and we got the answer. It saved everyone else waiting in line. Also, do not think that you're always the only one doing the job, because you're not. Self-centered thinking can often lead to misunderstanding.

Again, leading back to the considerate point. You're not alone, so not everything is about you. You might want to do something someone else does not want to do, or you might want to eat something that the whole group is not keen on. If they are not feeling it, it's best to drop your decision and think about it later. Worst come to worst, you can split up with them and do your own thang, or do it after they have done what they wanted to do. For example, me and Magnum wanted to go to Casa Batllou, but Matt & Stacey didn't, so we went separate ways after lunch and agreed to meet back at the apartment and get ready for dinner. It worked, and both couples were happy!

As for understanding... put yourself in that person's shoes. What happens if he/she treats you the way you treat them? You surely won't like it. Don't be an iron head and insist on something, again it's not all about you. I know that when I'm pissed or tired, I don't talk to anyone. So this is when I isolate myself from the group (I walk a few meters behind) just to avoid ruining everyone's day.
If you're an early person, don't forget there's other people under the same roof, so be quiet when you get up. Because if I'm the one banging on everything and playing my music loudly in the shower, and you're the one half asleep, man you'll hate me.
But I've had such good experiences of them being such understanding and caring people... That one time I lost my ATM card in Dubai and we were constantly looking for reception desk to ask where's the nearest Citibank branch and how we walked under the heat just to get into the shopping centre, all because of me losing my stupid card (I blamed myself so hard I nearly cried LOL).

Take care of each other. Remind each other even if its just little things. All I remember saying and hearing a lot was "Don't forget to buy water" "Anyone else want to put their passports or camera in the safe?" "Hold on to your bags guys, a crowd's coming" "Have you had your medicine? Have you applied your cream?! Have you sprayed your nasal?" and of course... "WHERE IS MY CONTACT LENS CASE??? ANYONE SEEN IT? I AM GOING TO BE BLIND" (I found it in my luggage lol...).

Oh just a quick note, always bring extra $$. Worst thing worst is to stumble upon an emergency shop that carries no eftpos machine or running out of money to buy food/water/shopping.

Last but not least, have fun & good luck! xoxo

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

London to Paree

We arrived London at 2 AM and we were exhausted. We walked along the empty streets to search for our hotel and found that we had to climb 10 billion flight of stairs to reach our tiny room. The room was so small that it would take 5 minutes for someone's fart to be ventilated, my goodness. Besides that, I fell in love with London instantly. It was surreal being there and I loved every moment. The highlight was when we met Bill Nigh in a random magazine shop in Soho. (If you don't know who he is, you know the evil octopus pirate from the pirates of the Caribbean movie who was heartless? Yeah him). HE STARTED A CONVERSATION WITH ME FIRST OMG guys please form a line. I would share our conversation but it's only between me and Bill Nigh and my friends xoxo.

Of course we made a trip to visit the Buckingham palace in the morning. They were changing guards so the surrounding was packed with human beings. I could not even get a shot of me standing in front of the gate without having someone walking into my frame. Oh well, least I saw the palace! 

Met up with Gurvinder for lunch and he took us to Five Guys. Best. Lunch. Ever. Bacon was an option for me to be included in my milkshake! But of course I didn't go for it lol... As much as I love bacon, mm no.

Just chilling with my home boy Big Ben.

We also went to Thorpe Park. Some photos were taken but I have no idea where they went so lets imagine me on a roller coaster. Actually I posted HEAPS of videos of us in Thorpe Park on my snap chat (li-mei) while waiting in line. Common sense is not to whip phone out while on a water or coaster ride, it's not safe for my phone. But if you have me on SC since, there you go buddy.

*** Moving on to Paris ***

Training to Paris was not fun, my ears nearly blew itself! Okay to be honest Paris was not that amazing as I imagined it to be. People there were not too friendly and they work extremely slow, which I got frustrated... Sorry Paris :( I guess because it was Summer and everyone was out and about being busy... I'm not sure... On the other hand, our AirB&B apartment was small and cute! The owner was so helpful too. Our whole Europe trip was basically on the hunt for food and drinks. Arrive at destination > go to our apartment/hotel> drop luggage > change and refresh for 15 - 30 mins > get out and look for food. Not to mention how many touristy photos I took with no shame, hence I hereby declare that the hair flinging and look away pose is my trademark (as seen on my Instagram).

Is this not the best shampoo ad you have seen? Or it can even be a BMW car ad. 

There are more amazing photos on  Magnum's instagram account. Go have a look and maybe your finger might twitch on the follow button ;) xx

I had to go to the Laduree store. It was magical! We had to miss out the Louvre on our itinerary as we had no time. Shopping took over most of Paris (because Sephora... and all the branded stuff, I can't miss it...) so this means Magnum will have to take me back there to complete the trip, HAHA.

Ok I shall stop here because it's getting late and I have work tomorrow... But in the next post we'll be in Amsterdam and Berlin! Can't wait to show you guys what we did (and a hilarious story of me cycling). Xoxo